Author Jim Malloy returns to the literary limelight with ‘Raptor’s Revenge’.

New historical fiction follows a young man’s adventures and battles as he sets out to find his family’s killer

SAN DIEGO – Jim Malloy, the author that introduced readers to “Doom Squad” and their police exploits, takes on another challenge as he enters the world of historical fiction with his new book.

Set in Elizabethan era, “Raptor’s Revenge” follows the saga of Jamey, a 14-year-old Irish boy who returns home from herding sheep only to find his whole family tortured and murdered. Vowing revenge, he begins his quest with his only clue: a ring left by the killer. His adventures take him to sea and the Spanish Main as an English privateer. Jamey, now 24, preys on Spanish ships earning the title “El Raptor” and sails to Jamaica to find the killer. There, he meets his true love Aurora, but is captured and turned over to the Spanish inquisition. They escape and intercept the killer’s ship, resulting in a sea battle and duel.

“Raptor’s Revenge” is a historical adventure that depicts a family’s struggle to survive during the age of western discovery. The book has strong cast of characters that readers will either hate or love. It presents a relatable narrative as the characters experience joy, grief, love, hate, betrayal, defeat, and strong human bonds.

When asked what he wants readers to take away from the story, the author says, “I want them to get anxious, worry about the heroes, and look forward to their triumph. I also want them to look forward to the sequel.”

“Raptor’s Revenge”

By Jim Malloy

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 574 pages | ISBN 9781664197602

Softcover   | 6 x 9in | 574 pages | ISBN 9781664197596

E-Book                        | 574 pages | ISBN 9781664197589


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About the Author

Jim Malloy lived and sailed on the H.M.S. Dolphin, a three-masted sailing vessel that flew 11 sails, square-rigged and bore four deck cannons, two stern swivel guns and a bow chaser. Malloy sailed for 15 years throughout the Bahamas, Indies, Jamaica, Panama, and central America. He owned a private island in the Bahamas and is now retired with a private museum dedicated to the history of privateers. As a retired police captain, he has written five police mysteries with the same cast of characters called “Doom” squad.

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