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Raptor’s Revenge by Jim Malloy





The famous pirate queen, Grace O Malley and Captain Jim Malloy share the same bloodline. Queen Grace, after her father’s death, prowled the eastern and northern shores of Ireland and England plundering ship’s of any nation. She is the stuff of legends and folklore that have stood the test of time.
Captain Malloy lived and sailed on his ship for fifteen years. The vessel, H.M.S. Dolphin, was barquentine rigged meaning she had three masts with the fore mast square rigged and flew eleven sails not counting full stunsels. A wooden ship built on the old tradition with oak ribs and mahogany planked, she commanded the eye of those on land and sea. She mounted four deck cannon, two swivels, and one fore gun able to crease the sea at ten knots. Shore boats consisted of two small sailing sloops rigged on davits port and starboard and a jolly boat off the stern. With teak decks and teak furniture finished bright, her look was that of a typical vessel of the period with a stern deck, mid deck and fore deck.
Below, the Dolphin boasted a main salon, amidships, with fireplace and library; a full galley and guest cabins with crews quarters, forward, all with separate heads. The Master’s cabin curled the full stern surrounded by gallery windows and included its own fireplace, library, and private head. All interiors were finished in mahogany and knurled cherry with white trim over teak cabin soles. Classic ship’s furniture with brass fittings finished her look.
The Dolphin was a spirit replica of the original H.M.S. Dolphin that sailed throughout the pacific under the command of Captain Wallice who discovered Tahiti before Captain Cook.
A little known piece of history involved the original Dolphin anchored in a bay near the Tahiti shore. Ship’s master, Captain Wallice, was ill and bedridden and his crew, without proper supervision, cavorted with the free spirited island women. There was no iron on the island and the sailors discovered that sex could be bought with a single iron nail. In no time, every spare nail was gone and the men started pulling them from the ship. This practice continued until the ship was in danger of falling apart. The situation was reported to the captain who cancelled shore leave and placed guards to prevent any more mischief.
Captain Malloy sailed the Dolphin from Florida, throughout the Bahamas, the Indies, Jamaica, and Panama. The Dolphin also visited ports in Costa Rica, the West Coast of Central America, Mexico, and California. The Dolphin was invited to participate in the tall ship’s regatta in the 1984 Olympics and has appeared in many commercials and television shows.
While sailing through the Bahamas, Captain Malloy fell in love with the beautiful waters and the friendly people. He bought an island and befriended a one eyed bull of a man who settled in the area after world war two. The two teamed up for a time and sailed throughout the pale blue waters. His time and experiences during this time formed the basis of his book, Raptor’s Revenge.
Captain Malloy is a retired police captain and resides in San Diego near family and friends and owns a private museum dedicated to pirates and buccaneers.