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The Twister

Dead women were popping up all over in a very strange way.  They were left posed on their side, fully clothed, hands clasped in prayer, and legs bent as if kneeling.  The weird part though, was their head was twisted clear around so they appeared to be looking backwards, which was impossible because their eyeballs were plucked out and stuffed in their mouths.

At the same time, a stiff was found hanging in the park.  A ritual sacrifice complete with incense, a dead dog, and weird cult scratchings on the ground.

The special detective unit, dubbed the “Doom” squad, was stumped.  The killer, described as a giant, a Goliath, should stick out like a sore thumb.  And what the hell did three witches have to do with anything not counting a weird root called the “Mandrake”?

And how the hell did the Bible legend of David slaying Goliath fit? Their leader, Sgt. Jack Delaney, “Micky” for short, was ticked off over the whole mess and wanted answers.

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