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Lollipop Murders

Revenge is mine, sayeth the Lord. Marvin thought that was bullshit. Marvin was intelligent, quick-minded, courteous, considerate, and a smart dresser. The young lady he showed an interest in said, “Get away from me you ugly twerp.” It really pissed Marvin off.

Sergeant Jack Delaney, a cop for sixteen years, headed a special task force tagged the Doom squad. Except for his cop ability, his life was typical. All screwed up. Marvin really pissed him off.

Sgt. Delaney, nicknamed Micky, and his team are assigned an unusual murder series committed by a wimp named Marvin. Marvin, scorned, thinks all women are suckers because they fall for the jocks, guys that don’t appreciate them. He decides that since women are suckers, he would make them all Lollipops, every flavor.

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